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End of Life Vehicles - ELV

Highly-competitive prices and fast payment made for Scrap vehicles

end of life car

End of Life - ELV

ELVs account for millions of tons of waste every year, so when vehicles reach their end of life its important for them to be handled, dismantled and destroyed in a way that this as environmentally-friendly as possible.

end of life care

East Anglia & The Midlands

We are one of the largest ATFs covering East Anglia and The Midlands, for dismantling and disposing of scrap vehicles. All delivered vehicle are accepted and, depending on availability and location, we may be able to collect. 

Certificates of Destruction are provided directly from the DVLA website for your records.

end of life car

Authorised Treatment Facility

As a registered Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF), Goldstar Metal Trading Ltd has the ability to destroy vehicles to the guaranteed environmental standards set out by Government. 

The treatment operations require all fluids, tyres and batteries - as well as hazardous materials - to be removed and safely stored, before being disposed of. 

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